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NCR Console - How to Create New Employees

December 5, 2016


The Employee Management module of NCR Console gives you control over creating and managing your employees. Creating a new user is the same as adding an employee. To create a new user:

  1. Log into NCR Console, go to the Store tab and click Labor

  2. Click Employees

  3. Click More Options then Add New Employee

    User-added image

  4.  Enter the employee first and last name (these are required fields)

  5. If you have multiple locations, select the location(s) that the employee should be assigned to

  6. If you have created Departments, Positions and Tasks, select the Departments, Positions and Tasks that you wish to assign to the employee

    • You will be able to create new Departments, Positions and Tasks from this screen.  See the Creating Roles training module for more detailed information

  7. Click Save

    User-added image

NOTE:  You can modify employee information at any time after creating them in Console. Search Managing Existing Users on the help site for more detailed information.
There are two additional tabs within the employee record: 

  • Additional Information:  Allows you to enter additional details such as email, phone number, pay rate, start date, etc… which supports the communication of schedules and the reporting of labor costs.
  • Site Access:  Allows you to provide limited or full access to the store management portal ( and/or access to the employee portal (


Creating a New Employee.pdf